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With over 6 years of mobile application development experience, we provide a multitude of mobile solutions to cater to your business needs.

Native app development in Swift(iOS) and Kotlin (Android)

Hybrid app development in FLutter and React Native

Progressive Web app ( PWA)


Our websites and web applications are built with responsiveness in mind. Using the latest front end web frameworks such as VueJS, we ensure that your applications are future proof.

Our backends are developed using the PHP programming language and the Laravel framework, and hosted on the largest cloud services provider, Amazon Web Services, a combination that provides the necessary stability and scalability of your application and businesses to grow


At Mobius, we believe that a good UI/UX design is what compels a user to engage aesthetics and cosmetics of the app. UX is the User Experience - how the user feels when they are using the app

We strive to combine modern and up to date UI, with a simple and easy to use UX for your application. As users ourselves, we understand the frustration of using a non-optimised app that does not speak to the user.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the few emerging technologies that promise to bring about striking transformations in businesses and cannot be overlooked by anyone looking to make a meaningful impact in the business world through technology

Implementation of AI ranges from facial recognition and image recognition to process optimisation and user behaviour predictions.


Internet of Things (IoT) is the collection of devices that are traditionally offline but are now connected to the internet. This opens up whole new possibilities of having smart devices everywhere that further enrich lives.

From smart homes that can be remotely operated via mobile app, to wearable technologies that improve health, to monitoring systems for improving manufacturing processes. The applications of IoT are endless.


Blockchain is the technology that powers the recent disruption in the finance sector known as cryptocurrency, the most popular implementation being BitCoin.

Blockchains are de-centralised systems that provide an unprecedented layer of security and integrity to data. This in turn paves the way for applications such as transferring funds without an intermediary party, managing digital identities securely and digitally permanent but auditable records of supplu chain communications.

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Our Professional Services


Native programming for iOS platforms. We believe in building natively to provide a better performance and reduce bug fixed. Why so? We want to provide you with a worry-free service together.


Native programming for Android platforms. Where fragmentation is abundant given by the different screen sizes for Android powered Devices, native development is the way to go.


A good application comes with customized experience for the users. We read and learn what the user wants and then translate it into something user needs.


Need a website to go together fir your application or idea? Connect to more users, create more for your idea and customise your own needs with us.


Need an idea on how to start developing your mobile application? This is where we come in.; providing you with insights from both developer and user point-of-view.


Plan your project ahead with us: sit back and relax while we accomplish what you need in mobile solutions

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