HIRIS – The Wedding App

HIRIS, The Wedding App is the all-in-one comprehensive wedding app aid, the ideal companion for any happy couple planning to walk down the aisle.  The app vows in turning overwhelming complications into enjoyable simplicity with its all-inclusive management features. Vital information is inserted with ease and securely stored in the HIRIS The Wedding App, which is available at any given time through a simple touch on an iPhone / iPad. The paperless service removes a collection of cluttering documents and creates a seamless wedding preparation experience while being environmentally friendly. Unique features include a comprehensive seating plan, allowing family and friends who RSVP to be seated accordingly; a check-in at reception service; a budget management function that monitors all running costs; and a recommended and adjustable checklist to make sure no part of the perfect day is forgotten.

*This application has been terminated from both Apple Appstore and Google Playstore as the startup has already closed down. Do write to us if you have any questions.*

July 27, 2015