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We are a creative and multi-disciplined mobile application development company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. From mobile catalogues to custom e-commerce mobile applications, we have got it covered. We have a great understanding when it comes to designing and developing mobile applications to cater to your business needs. We ensure everything we build has been optimised for your smartphones, tablets & desktops and ensure that you have an excellent experience with our end product. We have streamlined your app development process into an experience that you will find best to suit your timeline and deadlines.


Native programming for iOS platforms. We believe in building natively to provide a better performance and reduce bug fixes. Why so? We want to provide you with a worry-free after service together.


Native programming for Android platforms. Where fragmentation is abundant given by the different screen sizes for Android powered devices, native development is the way to go.


A good application comes with customized experience for the users. We read and learn what the user wants and then translate it into something the user needs.


Need a website to go together for your application/idea? Connect to more users, create more for your idea and customise your own needs with us.


Plan your project ahead with us; sit back and relax while we accomplish what you need in mobile solutions.


Need an idea on how to start developing your mobile application? That is where we come in; providing you with insights from both developer and user point-of-view.



Dreamers, coders, developers, designers; we are what it takes to make it happen.


Justin started dabbling in the dark arts of programming for iOS applications when he was still in the university undertaking his degree in Computer Engineering; then continued as a career after he realised that his passion was to develop amazing ideas and make it happen. He learns fast and manages projects as though as he is playing a game of Red Alert; multi-tasking and micro managing. A master of perfection, be sure expect a well developed product on your doorstep.

    ZACHARY TAY Visual Strategist

    Zachary graduated as a Mechanical Engineer and was into drawing and sketching engineering designs; then self-taught on mobile application design and guidelines to further his understanding in the mobile application development during his free time. He understands the need of letting his users know on the use of a certain something; be it applications or devices. He values user experience for the users and believes that the best designs are the simplest ones.

      AZIM KAMARULZAMAN Android Developer | Programming Sith

      Azim was once an avid gamer, until one day when he suddenly realised that programming was giving him more pleasure compared to endless DotA sessions. He began to work on his own pet projects before he started his careeer as an Android programmer. Learning only from videos and tutorials online, he proved to himself that programming was fun and easy (he claims). Able to perform tasks at lightning speed and always challenging himself further; be sure to go neck-to-neck to compete in terms of performance.

        TAN YEAK YANG iOS Developer | Bug Terminator

        Tan Yeak Yang is undertaking his degree in Bio Informatics in Multimedia University; where he dreams of building the next Terminator prototype in his bedroom. Tan started to learn coding on his shiny new Macbook right after he bought it; that’s how dedicated he is to learning programming on the iOS. He believes that testing for the user experience of an application thoroughly will benefit everyone, especially the end users. Motivated to complete tasks as fast as he can; he often challenges himself to learn and develop his skills of programming to the next level.

          RAYAN GAN iOS Developer | Software Neurosurgeon

          Rayan graduated with a degree in Bio Informatics with a first-class honours at Multimedia University. A Garry Kasparov in the making; Rayan often indulges himself in a game of chess with his colleagues. He does not sleep nor eat much at times and would devote his time to perfect his craft of iOS coding techniques, much like a martial artist in-training. Rayan never fails to deliver what he does best, a solid block of code for your software application and always challenges himself in order to achieve greater heights.

            YANA ARIFFIN iOS Developer

            Yana is an undergrad from Universiti Teknologi MARA, currently pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons.) Intelligent System Engineering. She has a passion for iOS Programming and learns programming fast; with little supervision from her superiors. Always tend to laugh at just about anything, she would be able to kill you with the sound of silence. Her resilience in learning new subjects is admirable; where she can adapt to things with ease.

              ESTHER NG Graphic Artist | Art Maestro

              A born and gifted artist in the likes of Da Vinci and Michelangelo; Esther can turn any piece of deadwood into a living piece of art. Graduated in the field of arts; she is further undertaking jewellery-making classes while developing her user interface and user experience skills in the company. Esther believes that simplistic and clean designs brings out the best in terms of usability. She plays Frisbee competitively as her alter-ego and often craves for Teh Tarik, which she claims will boost her creative brain juices.

                VANESSA LEE Android Developer Intern | Mother of Dragons

                When you hear the cries of terror, be reminded that she is present. Vanessa, who is a non-practicing lawyer (at the moment – perhaps); aspires to live for the world the best way she can. She learns fast in Java for Android and yet has the vast knowledge of a thick law textbook. Ask her of any clauses and she can reply you with loopholes or way-abouts like a rocket scientist answering elementary questions. Always having the kindest of heart; she never fails to bring laughter to the crowd (and also drinks for breakfast).

                  ILLYANI ADNAN Android Developer Intern

                  A cheerful and bubbly person, Yani never fails to see the bright side of things. She developed her passion to learn Android programming during her studies with the thought of one day opening a cafe business with a twist; having a mobile app to assist it. Yani is currently pursuing a degree in Universiti Teknologi MARA where her core focus is artificial intelligence.

                    SUFIAH FADZIL iOS Developer

                    Sufiah, or Kak Su as she is ‘widely’ known here in Mobius Digital Systems does not only coding, but dancing as well (following the footsteps of our master, Justin). She is a fast learner and she is able to grasp the fundamentals of iOS development in a short time. With the help of her supervisors, she now fixes bugs and creates new screens as her task. She is currently in her final year in Universiti Teknologi MARA, pursuing a degree in Information Technology.

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